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The cashmere collected in the high moutains of Mongolia is assembled with silk and organic cotton by artisans from the city of Osaka. This traditional blend technique requires great mastery and is becoming more and more rare. In order to maintain optimum quality, the woolen threads are put to rest for hours and then hand dyed by skilled craftsmen. Before the final weaving, the threads are meticulously combed, one by one by a workshop in the city of Nagoya. These different traditional techniques have been passed down for hundreds of years from generation to generation. All these different crafts have a unique know-how that guarantees the quality of the finished product. Handwoven and made from the finest cashmere,  the Kakoshi scarf will keep you warm and will offer you incomparable softness.

Materials: cashmere, silk, organic cotton
Dimensions: 210cm x 75cm

480,00 €

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