Nanaya is a worshop created by a couple, both artisans and cabinetmakers, living in the mountains, in the area of Vida, Nagano prefecture. Both wood lovers, they design and manufacture handmade items everyday, while respecting the texture and essence of the wood.

These spoons are all unique, with each their natural wood veins. They never become hot and will not scratch dishes.  They can be used every day for ice-cream, curry or a desert. The length of their neck makes it ideal for serving, measuring, weighting etc…

The spoons should be hand washed gently with warm soap water, but never left to soak.
Wipe with a cloth and let dry in open air. Never put in the microwave.  You can oil the spoon regularly, it nourishes the wood and closes its pores. Rub with olive oil or almond oil.

60,00 €

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